Easter Sunday Etiquette & Tips

Published: 13th March 2009
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When is Easter 2009?

Easter Sunday is April 12, 2009.

What is the meaning behind Easter?

Easter is an annual feast acknowledged by the Christian religion, celebrating the resurrection of Christ

What is the meaning behind the "Easter Egg"?

The egg is a symbol of rebirth and on Easter, eggs are decorated to celebrate the rebirth (or resurrection) of Christ. Traditionally, eggs were dyed red to signify the blood shed by Christ at his crucifixion. The shell of the egg was considered his tomb and the breaking of the eggshell his resurrection. Nowadays, eggs are decorated with many different colors to celebrate his rebirth.

How does the "Easter Bunny" fit in to all of this?

The Easter Bunny is a mythical character. As the story goes...the night before Easter the Easter Bunny arrives with a basket of decorated eggs and other treats that are then hidden in and around the child's home. When children wake up they find the empty Easter basket and it is then that they set out on their Easter egg hunt.

What is the meaning behind the "Easter Bunny"?

It is said that the Easter Bunny lays these brightly colored eggs that are then hidden in and around the homes of children. The exact origin of the egg-bearing bunny is unclear; however, it is believed to have come from Europe. Hares, much like eggs, are a symbol of fertility. Hares are prolific breeders that often give birth in the spring (around Easter). The nests (or forms) that hares live in are oftentimes abandoned and taken over by birds. These birds then lay eggs in these former hare nests. As the story got passed down through generations, so came the birth of this egg-bearing hare, the Easter Bunny.

How is Easter celebrated?

On Easter morning, most families go to church. The rest of the day is spent among family and friends. Children often take part in an Easter egg hunt, egg rolling or egg dancing. Meanwhile, the whole family enjoys a large feast with traditional Easter fare.

Who do you give gifts to on Easter and what do you give?

While young and old celebrate Easter, gifts are most often given to children. Common gifts for the holiday include chocolate, candy, bunnies, Easter egg decorating kits or fun attire for the day. For your host or other adults on Easter, it is always nice to give Easter flowers or fancy Easter chocolates for a more mature palate. For more unique gift ideas please see our Easter Gift Guide.

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